YO 2.0

Within SYPP, we deepen our commitment to leadership development and skill-building programs in order to provide youth with support and training from your first day of SYPP activism that stays with you and grows as you transition to doing long-term movement work and mentor younger organizers.

The YO 2.0 is a 3-month, intermediate level after school program that teaches high level organizing and facilitation skills, does analysis building and introduces grassroots fundraising skills. Members of YO! 2.0 will be graduates of the YO! (Summer and Fall Edition)* and previous SYPP members. Participants will receive small stipends, and will learn together 3 days a week. Members will lead a campaign and our grassroots fundraising efforts.

Our first annual YO 2.0 this year on October 19th. Applications have closed but keep your eyes peeled for our upcoming Movement Building Internships (only for graduates of YO 2.0) and for our spring YO! (open to everyone).

*The Youth Organizing Institute (YO!) is an 8-day summer (and spring) camp that introduces you to SYPP, to movement work, to a social justice analysis and to basic organizing skills. All graduates of the YO! are able to move on to become members of the YO 2.0.